NASA TV Widget

NASA TV Widget 0.1.1

View NASA events from your Dashboard


  • Easy way to access NASA TV


  • Uses up a lot of memory
  • Video quality varies


NASA TV offers up live coverage of events like shuttle launches or major space operations and resources like historical material or educational material about NASA missions and space. Even if you're not a big fan of aeronautics or space it's worth a look at.

Thanks to this little widget, you don't even have to go to the NASA website to check out NASA TV. The widget loads up straight from your Dahsboard and will automatically show you whatever's on at the time.

Image quality can vary though and also be aware that the widget can be quite memory intensive so we suggest having it removed from your Dashboard when you're not using it. Similarly, it probably won't perform as well if you have a lot of applications or widgets open.

This little widget shows NASA TV straight on your Dashboard. Great to get your daily dose of space and aeronautics news and information. Beware that it may use up a lot of RAM though.

Watch Live Stream NASA TV on your Dashboard.

  • get Launch and Landing Coverage
  • get complete LIVE Shuttle Coverage
  • get Current Missions Reports

NASA TV Widget


NASA TV Widget 0.1.1

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    where is the plugin .
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